BiologicsHub is a highly experienced safety assessment service provider who has an excellent track record in delivering cost-effective projects on time, with high customer satisfaction to our pharmaceutical company partners. We are young, talented scientists from Europe with expertise in research and data management in life sciences.

We are stubborn about our goals but flexible about our approach!

Companies and scientists have their ways of approaching and solving problems. We understand that uniformity is critical in programs that involve many people. Thus, we can accommodate to fit your perspective, but also use our scientific expertise and experience to bring fresh ideas to the table.

We Focus On You

Depending on the project requirements, we allocate the right BiologicsHub scientists to work closely with you at every step of the project, from design to delivery.


To remain cost-effective, we rely on excellent word of mouth recommendations rather than expensive advertising. Given the nature of our business, we believe that building strong relationships with our clients and having a good understanding of their needs are the top of the values list to nourish.

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