SOT 2021 virtual conference

Hi all!

We’ll be with you online at SOT 2021 BiologicsHub virtual booth from 12th to 26th of March.

In addition, we’ll present our work regarding the safety assessment of Cathepsin K protein at poster board number P246.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Stay safe, BiologicsHub team.

We Thank You For A Great Year!

This was a great year! We’re thankful for the advancements in 2018.
Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a happy, prosperous, and healthy 2019

Meet BiologicsHub Team In Brussels In September

BiologicsHub team will be at Eurotox 2-5 September 2018. We will be happy to discuss “toxicology out of the box” topics with you.

BiologicsHub At SOT In San Antonio

March 10-15th 2018, you will be able to meet us at Society Of Toxicology meeting in San Antonio.
Our booth is in ToxExpo # 653.

We welcome you and can’t wait to tell you more about projects we could do for you.

BiologicsHub – Ambassador Of PMIs NVC3

This year BiologicsHub was engaged to promote Network Verification Challenge 3 (NVC3 challenge), and provide training to participants to contribute to building and verifying networks of Philip Morris Science.

The NVC3 is third in a row Network Verification challenge effort organized by PMI Science and it’s goal is to verify molecular networks related to Xenobiotic Metabolism in the liver. The aim of this project is to contribute to scientific community, with the open-source molecular networks that can be further used in research processes in other industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, nutrition and environmental safety. Being earlier involved in building molecular networks, BiologicsHub at this time was engaged to spread a word, motivate and provide basic training to participants, and therefore accelerate PMI’s efforts. This way we also pleased to be in a position to be able to bring closer to young colleagues researchers a chance to participate in such an exciting project.

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